New Article on Landing on the Moon with Policy Gradients!

Neural Networks

Do virtual brains have consciousness? Oh.. God..

Rocket Landing on the Moon

Land on the Moon with Policy Gradients

Beat OpenAI's Lunar Lander with policy gradients and neural networks.

Neural Networks


Artificial Intelligence Learns to Catch Asteroids

A reinforcement learning neural network learns to catch asteroids in a game.

Neural Networks

Robot Reading Number

Beginning Neural Networks

Find great resources for understanding how neural networks work.

Neural Networks

Calculus Equation

Deriving Gradients for Activation Functions

Derive gradient equations for popular activation functions such as swish, tanh, and softplus

Neural Networks

Animal Neural Network

Groundbreaking Activation Functions

Find out about the pros and cons of popular activation functions for neural networks and its uses

Neural Networks

Machine Learning

Because teaching a machine is easier than a human


Intro to Reinforcement Learning

Learn about reinforcement learning in artificial intelligence and the weird / fascinating results of using it

Machine Learning

DNA Strand

Genetic Algorithms for Beginners

Learn the science behind genetic algorithms and the reason for why they work

Machine Learning

Salesman Suitcase

Traveling Salesman & Genetic Algorithms

Create a genetic algorithm to solve the age-old traveling salesman problem

Machine Learning


For the posts that don't want to fit in


Utilizing Amazon Cloud Service

Create a virtual machine learning setup equipped with a Tesla GPU through Amazon Web Service

Neural Networks

Robot Reading Website

Automate the Web w/ Selenium

Automatically interact with websites whether entering data or crawling the web

The Web

Raspberry Pi Logo

Raspberry Pi Motion Detection

Create a movement detection system with a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and Python

Raspberry Pi



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